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Financial Business Simulations

Our Affiliate Firm, ChangeAbility® uses Celemi™ Financial Business Simulations as tools to achieve improved performance and profitability. Participant teams manage a simulated organization, in order to see the effects of a range of strategies on financial health.

These “hands on” simulations use a board, chips and cards to demonstrate the big picture of how resources (money, time, people) are utilized, and how employees can have a positive impact on their organization’s operation and profitability.

Our simulations are not generic consulting exercises. Instead, before each simulation, your executive team tells us the business drivers and attitudes you want to emphasize with your employees. You know your business and what works. We then co-facilitate the simulation with you, based on your specific operations.

The end result is a simulation with plenty of real-world relevance.

Celemi Simulation Overviews

A 4-hour to 1-day business simulation that demonstrates the overview of how an organization can improve performance and profitability. Participants manage an organization through 3 years of operation, generate annual income statements and balance sheets, and see the impact of different strategies.

Read an article on how this Healthcare Simulation improves financial literacy.

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