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Constructive Options - Experts in Building Development, Financial Analysis and Change Management

  • Construction & Renovation
  • Financing & Funding
  • Critical Path Scheduling & Budgeting
  • Design Coordination
  • Financial Review & Planning
  • Team Assembly
  • Property Acquisition
  • Green Building Initiatives
  • Change Strategy & Action
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Environmental Impact

Here are samples of some major projects we’ve done during the past thirty years…

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Green Buildings Review Panelist

Member of distinguished nationwide panel for peer review of funding proposals to the Small Business Innovation Research program for research and development in Building Materials, Site Management, Energy, Indoor Environmental Quality, Water Use and Management.

Real Estate Financing
Negotiation and Consulting

Advised investors on existing property initiatives:

  • Real estate portfolio and feasibility analysis (comparables, valuations, etc.)
  • Lender negotiations for debt restructuring
  • Revised operating and management agreements
  • Tax assessment reduction
  • Foreclosure mitigation
  • Due diligence for potential property transfers

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(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)


Design educational materials and direct tours illustrating the sustainable aspects of a retrofitted LEED certified multifamily green building. Tour groups have included Roots and Shoots children’s program (part of the Jane Goodall Institute founded to engage and inspire youth through community service and learning), and the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors - Green Task Force.

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Showcase Project
Owner’s Development Representative

Handled all aspects of site and building development for speculative new construction:

  • Led acquisition of property as commercial real estate broker (25 years as past NC and DC, current MD broker).
  • Conducted a six-week feasibility study involving all environmental, design, municipal, and financing aspects to determine the likelihood of obtaining a building permit on a previously undeveloped infill wooded site.
  • Selected, contracted and supervised all design and construction contractors.
  • Coordinated consultant team for all aspects of design including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing.
  • Collaborated in conceptual meetings to estimate density, footprint, impervious area, planted area, open space, slopes, sight lines and critical tree root zones for environmentally sensitive site development.
  • Negotiated with National Park Service, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission and Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services to successfully obtain a building permit on a difficult site that had been actively on the market and remained undeveloped for more than ten years, with multiple developers repeatedly unable to obtain permits.
  • Coordinated with Pepco, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Verizon and Comcast internal engineers to install utilities in one trench to minimize ground disturbance and to assure placement of the utilities under the critical root zones of designated specimen trees.
  • Facilitated negotiations to resolve conflicts with neighbor citizen group.
  • Determined feasibility of alternative on-site renewable and non-polluting energy sources in order to reduce environmental and economic impacts from fossil fuel energy use. Energy sources analyzed included passive solar heat retention, photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal water heating and geothermal heating/cooling to complement a sub-floor radiant heating system. Electrical load of each appliance and each energy-using system was measured at various capacity levels to determine actual use in order to confirm conservation strategies.
  • Received building permit six weeks earlier than scheduled by tracking and expediting each phase of the permit process with Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services.
  • Negotiated modification and quantification of a Category 1 Conservation Easement with the National Park Service.
  • Coordinated between the civil engineer, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission, and the arborist for a Natural Resources Inventory Forest Stand Delineation (NRIFSD) and Tree Protection Plan.
  • Obtained an unprecedented exception document from the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority to build across a Potomac Interceptor Sewer easement.
  • Designed and implemented complex MS Excel spreadsheets for critical path schedules, critical path budgets, reports, databases, loan applications, modeling, feasibility studies and analyses.
  • Established contacts to further advocate a low-impact development approach within Washington DC, Montgomery County, Fairfax County, Prince Georges County, Intergovernmental Green Building Group of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Dewberry Engineering, Natural Resources Defense Council, US Green Building Council, Union of Concerned Scientists and others.

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Forest Glen Properties
Owner’s Development Representative

Advised investor on property selection and development of properties in Maryland and District of Columbia:

  • Assessed feasibility, assisted in acquiring financing and performed critical path scheduling.
  • Acted as real estate broker for acquisition and disposition of properties.
  • Coordinated technical consultants and contractors on site for structural, HVAC, plumbing and electrical issues.
  • Minimized site disturbance by utilizing hybrid rain garden to allow gradual soak and recharge of storm water.
  • Performed market research to up-fit properties to meet current market demands.
  • Supervised all design and construction of improvements.
  • Installed highly energy efficient equipment when feasible.
  • Developed and executed leasing strategy to maintain 90% occupancy. Facilitated all property leasing and ongoing property management.

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Mobile Office Vehicle Enterprises (MOVE)

Designed and built innovative Mobile Office Vehicle (MOV) to provide on-site property development capability, field research, interviews, training, field operations and data gathering:

  • Developed concept, determined feasible vehicles, designed ergonomic layout, specified and purchased all components, closely supervised builder to create working prototype and install equipment and accessories.
  • Vehicle is periodically retro-fitted to meet custom needs on a case-by-case basis.
  • Features include completely free-standing office capability, remote communications with boosted internet connection, 12 volt/110 volt inverter for conventional electric power, full size desk, couch/chairs, refrigerator, sink, toilet, year-round temperature control, 18.5 feet long (fits in standard parking space), 360-degree visibility from the interior, 6-ft. interior height, self-sufficient energy system with dual high-capacity gel batteries continually recharged by engine alternator, two roof-mounted solar panels and shore power when available.
  • Minimizes travel time between sites and lowers fuel consumption (currently being modified to be powered by recycled vegetable oil instead of conventional diesel fuel). Learn More…

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Washington Hospital Center
Financial Literacy Consultant

Conducted financial business simulations with high-level non-financial employees, to train clinical and medical healthcare staff about the operations and resource waste factors of the hospital. Simulation increased financial business acumen, created awareness of key financial indicators and improved ability to measure and evaluate financial performance. Educated participants to prepare and analyze multiple financial statements and financial metrics to increase profitability. Delivered final simulation evaluation. Strategized on future financial literacy metrics and formulated a needs assessment questionnaire.

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Liberty Mutual
Change Consultant

Co-designed workshop with internal human resources staff for presentation to field managers, providing awareness of expected division change processes, and to help managers formulate a strategy to proactively respond to the corporate transition. Program aimed toward manager implementation, to encourage them to independently design and plan actions to be implemented after the workshop and to provide transition leadership.

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Change Consultant

Co-designed and co-facilitated a 40-hour course entitled “Creative Alignment” to provide coaching, facilitation and training in the area of strategic and systemic analysis:

  • Topics included Situational Analysis, Collaborative Action Planning and Creative Problem Solving in the area of Implementing Change.
  • Course consisted of three phases: (1) Assessment to explore the dynamics of the participants’ current mental models and to update them to serve as a baseline for action plans. Outcomes of this phase included maps of the current situation (constraints, resources, stakeholders, potential, etc.), problem identification, prioritization and stakeholder analysis. (2) Action Planning to engage in a collaborative problem-solving process and to build commitment to a course of action. Outcomes of this phase included collaboration for ideas and solutions, action planning prioritization, strategy development to move forward and a final written action plan. (3) Implementation to support the participants in the execution of their action plans, in order to create sustainable improvement. Outcomes of this phase included time lines and goals for completion, follow-up support and coaching to respond effectively with other stakeholders.

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Human Resources Consultant

Supported the opening of the first U.S. office of a major European telecommunications company for start-up of North and South American operations:

  • Established all initial human resources operations, including formation of corporate staff structure and policies, design of job descriptions, recruiting of prospective employees, transfer of foreign personnel, hiring of key sales and technical staff, coordination of employee benefits and preparation of company documentation.

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MCI Worldcom
Senior Business Consultant for Financial Database Development

Led user-centered design sessions to integrate financial users and application developers for billing rate enhancement release:

  • Designed graphic user interface, analyzed and documented upgrades, functionality and usability testing, and drafted the User Help guide – all of which resulted in faster turnaround time, reduction in errors and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Created and analyzed functional requirements to develop multiple releases of a software application designed to define, maintain and store product definitions and business rules, resulting in increased revenues and reduced costs for international, long-distance and local telecommunications.
  • Collaborated on user-interactivity design to implement improvements to the data-driven database application, to increase the product speed-to-market, by defining new products in days vs. weeks without the need for hard-coding software changes, and to reduce errors between order entry, fulfillment and billing.

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Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Project Lead Consultant for Division of Resolutions and Receiverships

Conducted strategic planning for internal financial processes group to develop both high-level and task-specific project plans for individual projects:

  • Facilitated planning sessions involving Technical Monitors and contract personnel on special projects.
  • Conducted management briefings on accomplishments, technical discussion items and next steps.
  • Prepared monthly project plans, monitoring reports and other products produced during reporting periods.
  • Coordinated with Technical Monitors to formulate critical path schedules for creation and re-engineering of processes. Improved cooperation and performance between internal FDIC division and contract team, by gathering data from members, conducting contractor teambuilding sessions and facilitating implementation checkpoint meetings.
  • Developed critical path schedules to implement special projects consistently on time and within resources.
  • Implemented Technical Monitors’ comments on process effectiveness and performance improvement.
  • Facilitated group meetings, simulations and training to accomplish goals and deadlines.

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TRW/Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Consultant Analyst

Reduced competition and increased cooperation between groups partnered on a team by generating and interpreting multi-source feedback, conducting team building sessions and facilitating implementation checkpoint meetings. Guided communication improvement sessions between management and group members to increase work effectiveness. Prepared strategic audits of strengths/weaknesses and opportunities/threats to provide data to management on change strategies and business process re-engineering.

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Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
with Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC)

Principal Consultant

Directed transition for three key financial divisions of an RTC government contract, to assure work coverage and coordination between RTC and contractor during sunset site transition and closure:

  • Worked with Technical Monitors to co-manage three teams in development of multiple financial databases from project concept through system development life cycle of completing assessment, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, production support and reporting of multiple financial databases with a 2 million record count.
  • Acted as human factors liaison with RTC technical monitors to implement new functionality of enhanced software processes on schedule and under budget. Prepared site closing strategy and coordinated personnel for sunset.
  • Designed and conducted one-on-one training with Technical Monitors for all system and process procedures in preparation for RTC sunset.
  • Served as client liaison between the contract Information Systems Group and FDIC, to implement requests for special projects, customized deliverables and complex process development.
  • Created thorough summary reports to keep management apprised of effectiveness.

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Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC)
Principal Consultant

Key member of team to develop RTC’s National Securitization Support Office at its inception:

  • Developed and implemented process and procedures for short staffed start-up office, to be used until the full consultation contract was put into place.
  • Conducted needs assessment for federal client and developed budget tables in response to requirements.
  • Created customized financial reports for monthly and ad hoc deliverables.
  • Directed key aspects of start-up for three prominent divisions of the RTC contract that grew from 6 to 110 employees in 18 months, including initial strategy creation, formation of job structures and organization performance improvement.
  • Restructured job roles and responsibilities to eliminate overlaps and to close gaps in contract team’s overall scope of work.
  • Conducted user needs assessment, clarified project vision, translated business requirements into functional requirements and directed implementation of customized packaged financial software designed to accommodate monthly revisions.
  • Generated and interpreted multi-source feedback, co-facilitated feedback sessions including all tiers of agency contract staff, and facilitated management response to achieve relationship improvement.
  • Guided communication improvement sessions between contract management and group members to increase work effectiveness.

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National Trust for Historic Preservation
Contract Consultant

Consulted with owner on concept for renovation of a historic building in Manassas, VA. Developed building budget, prepared package to submit to potential lenders, reviewed conceptual drawings for expansion and analyzed feasibility of various tenant mixes.

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Small Business Administration (SBA)
Contract Advisor

Advised small business owners on financing, building expansion, renovation, relocation, building design, leasing and operation through a consulting contract:

  • Performed market expansion feasibility analysis budget for a child care firm.
  • Advised the CEO of an environmental company on formulation of a critical path budget and critical path schedule, initiated contact with banks and negotiated financing for company expansion.
  • Performed competitive needs assessment to determine growth areas for a retail client.
  • Advised a start-up company through all aspects of business creation, including process design workflow, budgeting, market analysis and financing.
  • Led formulation of critical path schedule to complete repairs on a private school.
  • Developed business growth models for expansion of a vending machine supplier.

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Community Connections
Owner’s Representative

Obtained HUD funding and completed construction for the rehabilitation of a facility used for maineaming learning-challenged residents in southeast Washington, DC:

  • Coordinated work of architect and engineers on all aspects of design including structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing consultants and engineers on multi-tenant residential project.
  • Designed and implemented inter-related spreadsheets for operating budgets, critical path schedules, critical path budgets, loan applications and modeling.
  • Developed complex computerized assessment tools/forms and calculation tables.

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Owner’s Development Representative

Managed development team of engineers, architects and builder on design of base building through every phase of site development including feasibility, master plan, site plan approval and final working drawings. Facilitated negotiations to resolve conflict between neighborhood citizen group and owner. Negotiated with planners and municipal authorities. Designed multi-tiered spreadsheets for budget, schedule and loan applications.

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Whalen Permit Service
Permit Expediter

Served as an interim site and building permit expediter for owners, engineers, builders, architects and developers on new and renovation projects. Jurisdictions included Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Fairfax County and the District of Columbia. Coordinated with architects, engineers and contractors on all aspects of permit process (civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing).

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Ziraba Childcare & School
Development Representative

Developed extensive financial analysis of feasibility of school renovation and expansion. Designed high-level breakeven spreadsheets for first years of operation. Formulated critical path schedule, critical path budget, financing applications and feasibility study. Developed computerized assessment tools/forms for business plan and lender applications.

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Quadrangle Development Corporation
Project Manager

Specialized in speculative suburban office park and flex space development. Managed team to develop master plan and base building design for a three-building flex space development in Gaithersburg, MD. Coordinated consultants on all aspects of design including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Managed the base building construction and office build-out of a mid-rise office building in Reston, VA. Facilitated negotiations to resolve conflict between a citizen group and developer to allow development to proceed.

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Linsdorff Enterprises
Project Manager

Collaborated with investor fund to renovate historically designated urban office projects for use by retail and professional services firms. Coordinated architect and builder on design, renovation and up-fit. Developed spreadsheets used to obtain financing, project operating costs and determine occupancy timelines.

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BG Enterprises
Project Manager

Specialized in speculative commercial and industrial building development. Handled every aspect of real estate development for new construction including site selection, site design, financial feasibility analysis, critical path budget and schedule, financing procurement, construction management, leasing breakeven analysis, building design, base building construction, office finish-out design, office finish-out construction, ongoing property management, property valuation and disposition. Completed construction from ground up, then leased or sold seven major industrial warehouse/flex space buildings. Leased to full occupancy and managed portfolio of 200,000 s.f. of multi-tenant light warehouse and single-tenant warehouse/manufacturing facility buildings. Increased operating revenue by 267% during tenure.

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